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Advocacy Opportunities

Becoming involved in making a difference

Parents and youth across Idaho have chosen to take their lived experience with youth mental health challenges and to participate in system change. Whether you desire to provide information at a local event, participate in workgroups related to the YES system of care, or tell your story to change laws, we want to walk alongside you and help give you the resources you need for your chosen advocacy work.

When and Where We Meet:

  1. Parent Input: On the 3rd Wednesday of the month we hold a parent input event over zoom. We invite parents to tell us about their experience with the YES system of care.
  2. Training: We offer training to parents on how to be a leader in the YES system of care and how tell your story in a way that honors your child and impacts those around you.
  3. Family Advocacy Meeting, or FAM, is an opportunity to join parents and advocates to join together to learn about the YES system of care and ways to become involved in system change. FAM meets the 4th Thursday of the month.
  4. Interagency Governance Team, or IGT, is responsible for collaboratively coordinating and overseeing the implementation of the YES system of care. This team consists of community members, providers, and representatives the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, the Idaho State Department of Education, and the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. As a community member, parent input is highly valued. The IGT meets on the second Wednesday of the month.
  5. YES Workgroups: Parent voice is highly valued by those creating the YES system of care. FYIdaho supports parents who participate in YES implementation workgroups. Parent leader openings vary.


For more information contact or see our event calendar.

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FYIdaho serves parents and caregivers of youth with mental health challenges through direct support and education.

Youth MOVE Idaho (YMI), a chapter of Youth MOVE National serves youth through programs that focus on peer to peer support and advocacy.